efficiency of innovation,

innovation and creativity are crucial to any organization (of (wo)men). How to offer the best service, product, etc. to clients? in the best development context?

IT to promote ethics,

in organization and personal development in a group.

our product is the accomplishment of our inner development as a collaborative group of (wo)men.

Each (wo)man recognizes her/his individual contribution and its benefits to the group project.

Project deliverables,

a written taught, idea, plan test or result, is our creation footprint in time and a step in its next level development.


within the context of a project, learning is priceless, a sharing moment, a fertile field of ideas and a occasion to grow them up with people in real.

blogging, scientific articles to communicate ideas are included in this process.

sharing in a non-profit context is as much important to build a deep sense of what we do.


in bringing results and maintaining them, is dynamic and adaptive.

the core is effectiveness…